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Like Someone in Love

Portland Museum of Art, Portland, ME   (view map)

CONVOS IN CARS | LIKE SOMEONE IN LOVE, the latest film by Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, has received mostly rapturous reviews. If you’re familiar with 2010’s breakthrough Certified Copy, which followed two love-weary strangers wandering the streets of Tuscany talking about art until it was no longer clear how well they actually knew one another. This one’s set in Japan, but the director employs a simulacral conceit yet again, blurring the relationship between a prostitute and her john until it begins to challenge the one she has with her actual boyfriend. In rough terms, Kiarostami’s point seems to be that artifice can tell us as much about human relationships as authenticity. Restricted to theaters in New York and London all winter, Like Someone in Love hits PMA Movies this weekend through the next. Check film listings for the full schedule; today’s screening is at 2. $7, 7 Congress Square. 207.775.6148.

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