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Bluestocking Film Series

Osher Hall, Portland, ME   (view map)

STAR WARS DIDN’T MAKE IT | Tonight marks the arrival of the biannual BLUESTOCKING FILM SERIES, a festival dedicated to advancing the role of women at all levels of film production. According to Kate Kaminski, organizer of the series and founder of local production company Gitgo Productions, all Bluestocking submissions have to pass something called the Bechdel Test, a gender-bias filter named for feminist cartoonist Alison Bechdel that stipulates that a film (or piece of fiction) must include a) two or more women playing named characters, and b) at least one actual conversation between two or more women about c) a topic other than men. Sounds simple enough, but no doubt we’d all be surprised to learn the number of films that don’t pass. This Bluestocking is the biggest yet, with films screening at MECA’s Osher Hall (522 Congress St.) at 7 pm and a symposium on the Bechdel Test Sunday at 4.

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