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A Place at the Table

1 Temple St, Portland, ME   (view map)

HUMAN SUSTENANCE | America’s food problem is a sad and complex one. At its core, of course, is wealth disparity. That can most easily explain the unsettling statistic that one of every two children in the US will be on food assistance at some point in their youth. But looking beyond that a moment, there’s also rising food costs, a mounting list of allergens, and the increasingly precarious exchange between state benefits and the widening distinction between nutrition and food. In other words, the country’s most affordable foods are also its most highly processed, least nutritious, and most likely to foster illness. This traps families and individuals below the poverty line in a tragic bind. How do you stave off hunger while eating with some regard for health? The documentary A PLACE AT THE TABLE examines the issue from legislative, social, and historical angles. It screens tonight, sponsored by local organization Preble Street Resource Center, at the Nickelodeon. 7 pm, $7 at 1 Temple St. 207.772.9751.

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