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"A Six Pack of Miller," dramatic readings of Arthur Miller plays: The Price

Mad Horse Theater, South Portland, ME   (view map)

A COLD SIX | What’s your favorite Arthur Miller play? Is it The Crucible, his takedown of McCarthyism? A View from the Bridge, the cutthroat tale of American acculturation? Or Death of a Salesman, perhaps, his tragic frame of the remainder of US commercialism? It’s hard to choose. So hard, in fact, that Mad Horse Theater Company opts this spring to stage them all — well, not all of course, but quite a few. They debut “A SIX PACK OF MILLER,” staged readings of a half dozen dramas from the American icon, with a rotating cast of actors and directors at their theater in South Portland. Tonight’s opening show is The Price, a tense kitchen drama for four actors. 7:30 pm, $10 at 24 Mosher St. in South Portland. 207.730.2389. See our theater listings for more.

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