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Today Is The Day + KEN mode + Fight Amp + Livver + Sylvia

THE MAN WHO LOVES TO HURT HIMSELF | Unexpectedly, tonight features an appearance by the act TODAY IS THE DAY, the shapeshifting musical project of Steve Austin, who through pummeling, incantatory, and incredibly heavy noise-rock has explored the more tortured realms of the male psyche the last 20-odd years. A project too poetic, revealing, and experimental to be easily contained by the metal tag, Today is the Day’s sound and aesthetic are among the most recognizable in contemporary heavy music. They play with local crushers SYLVIA and national acts LIVVER, FIGHT AMP, and KEN MODE at Port City Music Hall. 9 pm, $12.

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Hailing from New Jersey, FIGHT AMP channels a sound and presence that harkens the days of old and is reminiscent of the AMREP / dirty...

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