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Blacksmiths + Modern Mutant Sea Vultures + Dream Team Laser Beam + Nick Phaneuf

2 Government St, Kittery, ME   (view map)

...THE LOGIC OF OUR MUSIC LAWS | In 2012, the artist known as Beck released Song Reader, a 20-song album issued exclusively in the format of sheet music (and packaged with characteristic refinement by McSweeney’s). The conceit was both anachronistic and radical: the songs would live in the interpretations of its listeners, who immediately set to uploading their takes to the internet. Beck maintains a website where hundreds of tracks might be found, but fans might be better swayed by a live set, which is, after all, how things were done in the old days. Beck devotees the BLACKSMITHS, DREAM TEAM LASER BEAM, MODERN MUTANT SEA VULTURES (see what they did there?), and NICK PHANEUF perform tracks from Song Reader, often the very same ones, at Buoy Gallery in Kittery. 8 pm; $6; BYOB at 2 Government St. 207.450.2402.

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