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Greg Jamie + Lisa/Liza + Wesley Allen Hartley + Acid Smoker

10 Mayo St, Portland, ME   (view map)

VERY VERY LOCAL | The latest in a string of attractive shows at Mayo Street Arts, four of the region’s most engaging, slow-burning post-rock acts collect in defiant exhibition. Attend and you’ll get the delicate and ethereal songwork of LISA/LIZA; the heartache-y acoustic tales of WESLEY ALLEN HARTLEY; the psych-folk of GREG JAMIE; and ACID SMOKER, one man’s hypnagogic take on noisy no wave. 8 pm; $5 at 10 Mayo St. 207.615.3609. Down the street, there’s a show that might be this one’s kissing cousin. Avant-folk group SNAEX (Chriss Sutherland and Christopher Teret) play with songwriters MATT ROCK and NATHAN SALSBURG, the latter known for his revenant early-folk recordings and cura-torship of the Alan Lomax Archive. 8 pm in — get this — Pistol Pete’s Upholstery Shop, 219 Anderson St. 207.671.7792.

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