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Sevendust + Lacuna Coil + Avatar

ROLLING STONES | Twenty years’ experience will burnish a luster of refinement onto just about anything, but the general formula practiced by Atlanta’s pop-metal band SEVENDUST hasn’t changed all that much. From their self-titled debut (which went gold in 1999), the union of Lajon Witherspoon’s passionate, dynamically aggressive vocals and an artillery of groovy low-end chugs has been the group’s calling card. Over the years, Witherspoon’s impressive range — both emotional and laryngeal — has given the group dimensions their nu-metal contemporaries couldn’t match, and is certainly the main reason they’re playing today, anticipating the release of their ninth record at the Asylum, with Italy’s long-running dual-vocalist symphonic metal group LACUNA COIL and Sweden’s AVATAR. 8 pm; $29-32 at 121 Center St. 207.772.8274.

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Sevendust is an alternative metal band from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. They formed in late 1994 under the name "Crawlspace" but later were forced to change...

Lacuna Coil, formerly known as Sleep of Right and Ethereal, is a gothic metal band formed in Milan, Italy in 1994. The band consists of...

"avatar" is the story of an ex-marine who finds himself thrust into hostilities on an alien planet filled with exotic life forms. as an avatar,...

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