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"Albert Herter (1871-1950): 3 Never Before Seen Paintings from 'La Belle Epoque'"

142 High St, Portland, ME   (view map)

WALKING CURE | Around sunset, the biggest art walk of the season starts to bake the city of Portland into a Bundt cake of gaiety. (Haters, plan your escape.) Among the evening’s best ideas is the PORTLAND MUSEUM OF ART (7 Congress Sq), where Kimberly Convery has assembled a crack squad of artists to execute the museum’s final Artist Intervention (see an interview with her on page 18). From the fertile minds at MECA, students of professor Paul Gebhardt’s “Art of Organizing” class erect a YANKEE SWAP POP-UP SHOP at 85 Free St., a delightfully progressive conceit whereby students offer handmade works for barter and exchange — no money — from 6:30 to 9 pm. One of the most unique affairs is at the MEG PERRY CENTER (644 Congress St.): “Rip and Tear,” an experimental drawing show where artists’ prints are literally ripped from the wall by visitors, uncovering more drawings within the same sequence. In the State Theatre building, the fine art restoration team of PROJECT MEAC show three reconstituted canvases of 20th century painter and muralist Albert Herter at 142 High St. Ste. 420. Off the main strip, the once-dying art of the vinyl record is the main attraction at PORTLAND FLEA-FOR-ALL, the city’s latest and largest homespun marketplace. They host a “Portland Christmas Record Party” and sale, 5 pm at 125 Kennebec St.

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