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Jukebox the Ghost + Matt Pond PA + Lighthouse & the Whaler

PRISTINE POP | The college-rock trio JUKEBOX THE GHOST, whose melodic and boppity pop record Safe Travels last year was followed with a song-by-song commentary in which the band members’ unpacked the themes of each track, play Port City Music Hall with MATT POND PA, a longtime chamber-pop project originating out of Philadelphia that settled into a household “indie” staple. With LIGHTHOUSE AND THE WHALER at 8 pm; $12-25 at 504 Congress St., 207.899.4990.

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Hailing from Washington DC, Jukebox the Ghost writes a fresh breed of melodic pop tunes driven by fiery rock momentum. The band consists of Ben...

Matt Pond PA is an indie band formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1998 by singer/songwriter Matt Pond, along with guitarist/bassist Josh Kramer, violinist Rosie McNamara-Jones,...

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