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"Presidential Decisions & the Role of Leadership in the 2012 Elections"

Hannaford Hall, Portland, ME   (view map)

FROM THIS POST | Objectivity is a tough gig, especially once you’ve seen it all. Since BOB WOODWARD, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and associate editor of the Washington Post, made his name as one of the re-porters breaking the Watergate scandal, he has inarguably become an American icon, penning 16 books and countless articles on insider politics and helping to give the profession of investigative journalism a dose of nobility and celebrity. Yet he is not without his own negative appraisals — the late critic Christopher Hitchens derided him for practicing reciprocity-based “access journalism,” and Woodward’s four-volume Bush at War series can, in retrospect, be seen as a sort of mouthpiece for the president’s false claims that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. Critics have noted that his latest book, The Price of Politics, which tackles the debt-ceiling debates of 2011, betrays some weirdly ideological conduct, dressing down President Obama for his “failure to lead” the issue of tax revenue legislation past a wall of intransigent Tea Partiers, which in turn prompted Mitt Romney to use Woodward as a shill for his own campaign. Regardless, as former presidential advisor David Gergen has written in his 2000 memoir, there’s no disputing the fact that Woodward has been “a force for keeping the government honest.” His lecture, titled “PRESIDENTIAL DECISIONS AND THE ROLE OF LEADERSHIP IN THE 2012 ELECTIONS,” will be at USM’s Hannaford Lecture Hall in the Portland campus’s Abromson Center on Bedford St. 7:30 pm, $20 ($10 students). 207.780.4714.

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