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Master trash
Hoopleville - BY DAVID KISH

Something borrowed, something blue

Politics and Other Mistakes
Want to save the taxpayers of Maine over $60 million? It’s so simple even somebody with no political skills at all can do it.  
By: AL DIAMON  |  October 16, 2014

Providence Phoenix to close; Portland still in flight

On October 8, our sister publication the Providence Phoenix announced that it would close, ending a 36-year run for the city’s only alt-weekly. What that means for our paper is a good and appropriate question.
By: NICK SCHROEDER  |  October 16, 2014


A call for coq au vin

Immigrant kitchens
I do wonder why our theories about animal fat are totally inconsistent with low rates of heart disease in France.
By: LINDSAY STERLING  |  October 16, 2014


Grime Studios in final fundraising stretch

Rock saves
After half-a-dozen aborted attempts at finding a new home, Grime Studios owner Justin Curtsinger says things look good for a new, much larger space on Presumpscot Street, but it all hinges on a rapidly approaching fundraising deadline.  
By: MATT DODGE  |  October 16, 2014


Cutting higher education

How corporatization is transforming the University of Southern Maine
The USM administration swears up and down that they’re in crisis, that they’re facing a $16 million deficit in Portland and an even greater deficit systemwide. Yet many within their ranks—many of them economists, public policy researchers, and sociology professors—are challenging the numbers, insisting they don’t add up. So we, the public, have to choose which side to believe.


Traumatic irony

Michael Kimball's Ghosts of Ocean House
A creaky old oceanfront Victorian. Three adult siblings who don’t like each other, plus a couple of spouses. A codicil to their father’s will that requires them to spend an excruciating week together in the house. And, of course, various ghosts.
By: MEGAN GRUMBLING  |  October 15, 2014

Under the weather

The needs of LGBTQ individuals differ greatly. Here's a temperature check of healthcare as experienced by local queers to explore standards of LGBTQ competency, specifically in heterosexual providers. The criteria at the root of each story make a basic rubric for respect.  
By: BRODY WOOD  |  October 15, 2014


Overextended family

Mad Horse's stirring A View from the Bridge
“I’m inclined to notice the ruins in things,” ponders Alfieri (Brent Askari). He’s recalling the downfall of a longshoreman who won’t give up a misplaced, misshapen love, a story that receives a superbly harrowing production at Mad Horse, under the direction of Christopher Price.   
By: MEGAN GRUMBLING  |  October 11, 2014


Reviving Viva Nueva

Rustic Overtones set the record straight
15 years ago last week, Rustic Overtones appeared on the cover of the third-ever issue of the Portland Phoenix .
By: SAM PFEIFLE  |  October 11, 2014


Something's gotta fall

Love, tension, masculinity in The Rainmaker 
While it hasn’t rained on the Curry family’s 1920’s-era ranch in far too long, the drought is more than literal in The Rainmaker .
By: MEGAN GRUMBLING  |  October 11, 2014

House island on track to become historic preservation district

Land grabs
Portland’s historic preservation board voted last Wednesday in favor of creating a historic preservation district on House Island, a prominent land mass in Portland harbor that’s slated for private development.
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  October 11, 2014


Rodgers, over and out

The piano-rock that's in the headlines
It’s been a long time since standing up and pounding on a piano and belting out lyrics has been much of a thing.
By: SAM PFEIFLE  |  October 11, 2014


Raise a glass to Prohibition's influence

Portland cocktail bars embrace historic recipes
The phrase “Prohibition-era cocktails” may sound like an oxymoron, but much of what we see in today’s craft cocktail revival is actually borne of drinking during Prohibition.
By: KATE MCCARTY  |  October 11, 2014

New USM cuts may trigger union grievances

USM says it has no money, and the best way to make money is by firing the revenue makers.
By: CAROLINE O'CONNOR  |  October 11, 2014

Here comes sickness

Politics and Other Mistakes
Politics and Other Mistakes
By: AL DIAMON  |  October 11, 2014


Summer BABE built to last

The Wax Tablet
New music by Portland four-piece BABE, plus i dm theft able digitally releases a slew of his musique concrete masterpieces. 

The way stagnation should be

Diverse City
The assertion by Governor Paul LePage that Maine is “Open for business” and our long-held motto “The way life should be” are completely and hopelessly incompatible.
By: SHAY STEWART-BOULEY  |  October 11, 2014


Dress to impale

By: DAVID KISH  |  October 11, 2014


Any old town

Amy Stacey Curtis makes it Matter in rural Maine
It’s a long, ruminative drive from Portland to Parsonsfield, the site of a bizarre, unclassifiable, and oddly intimate sort of production by the renowned Maine artist Amy Stacey Curtis.  
By: NICK SCHROEDER  |  October 11, 2014


What's the plan?

Is Portland’s development push a good thing for its citizens?
Dating back to its founding, Portland’s economic model was one that relied on finding ways to extract value from perishable resources—trees; the ocean; and later, manufacturing—and direct that value elsewhere. Today, Portland’s prized asset is lifestyle and real estate.
By: JIM BAUMER  |  October 11, 2014

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