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Summary: Rising from fallen bands such as Play Your Part, MCODE, and Cadence and Chaos, Anneliese is a kick in the face in the overcrowded hardcore scene of the 905. It's like not being able to turn away from a car accident, or witnessing an axe murder. Just keep your goddamn eyes open.

Filed under: hardcore, metalcore, party, punk, thrash

Similar Artists: Dead Ocean, To Cherish, Tear Out The Heart, As A Heart Attack, The Home Front

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[ 04/21 ]   Jazzputin  @ Sonny's Tavern
[ 04/21 ]   Tony McManus  @ Red & Shorty's
[ 04/21 ]   Val Bennet  @ Slates Restaurant and Bakery
[ 04/21 ]   Castlebay  @ Bull Feeney's
[ 04/21 ]   Old School  @ Dolphin Striker

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