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Summary: The Sleeping, consisting of a few of the original members of Long Island's now defunct metalcore group Skycamefalling , was formed after skycamefalling's last show at Hellfest '03. Living on after the legacy of SCF - Doug Robinson, Cameron Keym, Sal Mignano, and Joseph Zizzo continue to develop and write music that we now know and love. With a drastic change from the hardcore scene, the Sleeping is now considered to be post-hardcore / rock / alternative , and has played with bands such as Halifax , Silverstein , Bayside , Stretch Armstrong , Spitalfield and Haste the Day .

Filed under: alternative, emo, post-hardcore, rock, screamo

Similar Artists: Bayside, The Receiving End of Sirens, Secret Lives of the Freemasons, Four Letter Lie, As Cities Burn

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