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Summary: Dr. Oobot the subsonic scientist makes lots of noises, often times collaborating with other members of the strange and venerable glitch mob. Generally Ooah aka the Mob Boss brews audio concoctions consisting of banging drum beats that range anywhere from eighty-five to one hundred and ten beats per minute, squishy gut-wrenching bass frequencies, harmonic poly-rhythmic melodies and bloopy bleepy clicks and clacks.

Filed under: dubstep, electronic, glitch, glitch-hop, Hip-Hop

Similar Artists: Boreta, Kraddy, VibeSquad, edIT, The Glitch Mob

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[ 07/26 ]   pub: Dustin Ladale  @ Portsmouth Gas Light
[ 07/26 ]   deck: Chris Gardener  @ Portsmouth Gas Light
[ 07/26 ]   deck: Superfrog  @ Portsmouth Gas Light
[ 07/26 ]   deck: Doug Mitchell  @ Portsmouth Gas Light
[ 07/26 ]   Pete Emery + Andy D MacLeod  @ Slow Bell Cafe

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