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No UFO's

Summary: Abstraction, improv, song, sketches, programming, drone, the TB-303, vocal, guitar, samples, field recordings, cut + paste tangents, hypnotic streams, etc, a dozen or so pieces comprise 30 minutes of kitchen sink 'kosmic trash' collage, hitting on a variety of sounds, textures, eras and regions. The first release under the No UFO's moniker as well as the inaugural offering from Nice Up International.

Filed under: ambient, beyondwithin, drone, electronic, experimental

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[ 09/30 ]   Tom Yoder  @ Dolphin Striker
[ 09/30 ]   Driftwood Soldier  @ Blue
[ 09/30 ]   Heath MacVane  @ Blue
[ 09/30 ]   Blanca & Chuchi  @ Acoustic Artisans
[ 09/30 ]   Strangled Darlings  @ Andy's Old Port Pub

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