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Le Vent Du Nord

Summary: The Quebecois folk music group Le Vent du Nord was founded in 2002. They play both pieces composed by members of the group and traditional quebecois tunes, sometimes adding elements from pop and jazz. The group has four members, Réjean Brunet (diatonic accordion, acoustic bass, jaw harp, vocals), Nicolas Boulerice (hurdy gurdy, piano, piano-accordion, vocals), Olivier Demers (fiddle, guitar, vocals, foot tapping) and Simon Beaudry (guitar, bouzouki, voice).

Filed under: Canadian, celtic, folk, quebecian, québécois

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[ 09/03 ]   Potato Pickers  @ Local Sprouts Cooperative
[ 09/03 ]   acoustic open mic  @ The Dogfish Bar and Grille
[ 09/03 ]   deck: Malcom Salls  @ Portsmouth Gas Light
[ 09/03 ]   Carliegh Nesbit  @ Gather

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