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Hush Arbors

Summary: Hush Arbors is the primary musical project of singer-songwriter/guitarist, Keith Wood. His music sees traditional folk merged with elements of country and psychedelic music. Along with releasing solo material he is also a touring member of Current 93 and Voice of the Seven Thunders. He has toured with and worked with musicians including Current 93, Six Organs of Admittance, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Jack Rose, Wooden Wand and Voice of the Seven Woods. Hush Arbors is currently signed to Thurston Moore's Massachusetts-based Ecstatic Peace! label.

Filed under: drone, folk, free folk, psychedelic, psych-folk

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[ 12/18 ]   Steve Jones  @ The Liberal Cup
[ 12/18 ]   Shane McNear  @ Old Mill Pub
[ 12/18 ]   Katie Daggett  @ Captain Daniel Stone Inn
[ 12/18 ]   Michael Troy & Craig Tramack  @ Dolphin Striker

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