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Holy Other

Summary: Taking the alien kinetics of UK garage, the euphoric highs of vocal house and the slow, sensuality of R&, B, Holy Other has created a sound that’s as melancholy as it is beautiful, spectral and yet slightly at unease with itself. Playing the five songs that make up his debut EP 'With U' feels like a slow, solitary walk into the city night, lights flashing around you, muted when once they seemed to shine more brightly.

Filed under: ambient, dark ambient, electronic, experimental, witch house

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[ 09/18 ]   Joint Chiefs  @ Run of the Mill Brewpub
[ 09/18 ]   Sylvia + Superorder + Capture the Sun + Dour  @ Geno's Rock Club
[ 09/18 ]   karaoke  @ Bray’s Brewpub
[ 09/18 ]   Jud Caswell  @ Black Bear Cafe
[ 09/18 ]   Kilcollins  @ Ri Ra/Portland

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