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Freddy Todd

Summary: Freddy Todd makes electronic music or dUbstep/GliTcH HoP/LazEr CrunK, if you wanna get fancy. He grew up on the drums and then moved to the piano/keys and guitar/bass. These combined skills offered his musical synergy to disperse in the electronic scene when he started producing on Fruity Loops Studio in 2004, as well as forming a band and channeling live music around the same time. Making a genre of its own, Freddy combines limitless genres from soul to hip hop to funk-slime to psychedelic rock to dub all in an electronic glitched out bass driven blender.

Filed under: beats, dubstep, glitch, glitch-hop, idm

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[ 07/28 ]   Issac Young Quartet  @ Press Room
[ 07/28 ]   Tru07  @ Meg Perry Center
[ 07/28 ]   karaoke  @ Maxwell's Pub
[ 07/28 ]   Allison Apple + Cottontail + He's Lying, Kill Him  @ Meg Perry Center
[ 07/28 ]   Vio/Mire + Death Vessel + Plains  @ SPACE Gallery

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