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Chris & Thomas

Summary: There are several artists using this name 1) Chris is a rapper from Houston, TX. Also, is a part of the group Asshole By Nature , which is lead by Trae . 2) Chris is a singer/rapper from Japan. 3) Chris, full name Chris Muller, is a singer/songwriter, free improviser and producer from Rotterdam, Netherlands. His influences are too broad to mean anything here, ranging from Indie to Classical music.

Filed under: 365 days project, black metal, electronica, eurobeat, rnb

Similar Artists: Alphatown, Aleph, Jenny Kee, Baby Gold, Cindy

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[ 08/22 ]   Superfrog + Maganahan's Revival  @ Stone Church
[ 08/22 ]   Doug Mitchell + Corey Brackett  @ Sea Ketch
[ 08/22 ]   Banditos  @ Press Room
[ 08/22 ]   pub: Dustin Ladale  @ Portsmouth Gas Light
[ 08/22 ]   grill: Don Campbell  @ Portsmouth Gas Light

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