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The 'Verb

Summary: Eric Cranfield - Lead Guitar, Jacob Dobner - Rhythm Guitar, Matthew Beck - Bass Guitar, Mike Ball - Guitar/Farfisa, Jason Aumann - Drums. The 'Verb began playing shows in 2005 and were originally formed by Eric Cranfield and Jacob Dobner. The 'Verb finds their home in Seattle, WA, where they continue to be the city's premeire surf band.

Filed under: Garage Rock, instrumental, Surf, surf rock, trashy blues-rock-boogie

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[ 11/26 ]   "Wallys Annual Turkey Toss" with DJ Dritch  @ Wally's Pub
[ 11/26 ]   Sweatpants in Public  @ Thirsty Moose Taphouse/Portsmouth
[ 11/26 ]   Tim Theriault  @ Martingale Wharf
[ 11/26 ]   Jimmy D  @ The Loft at Strafford Farms
[ 11/26 ]   Rosie  @ Chop Shop Pub

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