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The day after LePage is re-elected

One Cent's Worth
One Cent's Worth
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  November 03, 2014

House island on track to become historic preservation district

Land grabs
Portland’s historic preservation board voted last Wednesday in favor of creating a historic preservation district on House Island, a prominent land mass in Portland harbor that’s slated for private development.
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  October 11, 2014

Keeping the costs of college in check

One Cent's Worth
It’s safe to assume that when all the cost-cutting and streamlining is done, Maine’s public universities will have less to offer students.
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  October 03, 2014

Financial hucksterism

One Cent's Worth
Most folks know that getting one’s finances in order involves saving more, spending less, and paying down debt. But these days it’s easy for financial commonsense to become clouded with complications.
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  September 03, 2014

Not getting by in Portland

The city’s economy, and especially its real estate market, is booming, and gentrification is a potent force reshaping many neighborhoods. But it’s striking how much is the same for low-wage workers.
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  August 07, 2014


Closing the gap

Is Portland ready for a $15 per hour minimum wage?
The Mayor wants to give low-wage workers a raise, but will it be a modest boost or a Seattle-style jump?  
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  July 23, 2014

Gas is too cheap

One Cent's Worth
The best way to push people to drive less would be to make driving more expensive.  
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  July 11, 2014

Where's Collins on carbon?

One Cent's Worth
Angus King made it clear he’ll resist any legislative efforts to weaken the EPA's new rules for power plants, but he also pointed out that he’s not so sure about Maine’s other senator, Republican Susan Collins.
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  June 11, 2014

Economic 'Bests'

One Cent's Worth
Best Effort to Derail Maine's Economy, Best Creative Fundraiser, and a few more economically themed Bests.
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  May 15, 2014


Extreme inequality: historical quirk, or long-term reality?

A New Formula
Piketty writes under the assumption that economists should tell a story that’s compelling rather than wallowing in the “childish passion for mathematics”  that he believes dominates his field.
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  May 01, 2014

Clean elections on the line

One Cent's Worth
If Maine’s Clean Elections Act was applied to federal elections, and thoroughly funded and strengthened, it’s a safe bet that Congressional priorities would shift profoundly, with a lot less emphasis on policies that happen to align with the nation’s plutocrats.
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  April 16, 2014

War on the poor

 Politics + Other Mistakes
 Politics + Other Mistakes
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  March 20, 2014

STEM = scam?

One Cent's Worth
One Cent's Worth
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  February 20, 2014

High standards

Common Core moves forward as opponents take aim
Two years after Governor Paul LePage signed into law Maine’s commitment to Common Core State Standards, growing opposition from several camps threatens to derail the federal education reform initiative.
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  January 23, 2014

The upside of getting older

One Cent's Worth
When University of Southern Maine economics professor Charlie Colgan delivered his annual economic forecast for Maine last week, his optimistic projections for 2014 were overshadowed by warnings about the dire long-term threat posed by the “basic demographic facts of life in Maine.”
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  January 16, 2014


The secret trade deal that threatens Maine’s frail economy

 Free trade at high cost
Today it’s far more likely that the shoes on your feet were made in Vietnam than in Maine, but a few decades ago the opposite would have been true.
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  January 03, 2014

Economic trends to watch in 2014

One Cent's Worth
With any luck, we’ll be spared use of the term “fiscal cliff” for the next year, but 2014 is sure to present its own unique economic challenges, calamities and opportunities.
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  December 26, 2013

J.P. Morgan lands a sweet deal

 One Cent's Worth
 One Cent's Worth
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  November 27, 2013

Ballot economics

 One Cent’s Worth
The council has lots of power in shaping the economic priorities of the city and it crafts policies that produce winners and losers. As you ponder how to vote, consider a few of the most critical economic matters the council must confront in the years ahead:
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  October 30, 2013

The abundant, invisible poor

One Cent's Worth
If anything, we should be shocked that poor people aren’t more visible.
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  October 02, 2013
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