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Dive bar alternatives
Upscale drinking, high and low - BY BRIAN DUFF


Me and my grandma

Standard Issue know how to party
There’s no question that Rob Schreiber’s Standard Issue play the hits.
By: SAM PFEIFLE  |  April 17, 2014

Fertile ground

Pro-pot sentiment continues to grow in Maine
Maine’s medical marijuana activists celebrated several victories over the last couple of legislative sessions, and they’re (mostly) looking forward to local and statewide legalization campaigns coming over the next two years.
By: DEIRDRE FULTON  |  April 17, 2014


'Happy little bush'

By: DAVID KISH  |  April 17, 2014


Mansion crashers

Contemporary artists sneak mischief into Victoria Mansion
In the smartly curated "Mansion as Muse: Contemporary Art at Victoria Mansion," the cutting-edge sprouts up around the antique with an invasion of five contemporary artists’ clever site-specific installations.
By: MARIAH BERGERON  |  April 17, 2014


Your wild days have returned

Wax Tablet
Big Blood, Village of Spaces, Turned World Records, Spencer Albee, and more.


The elephant in the room

Snowlion gets dark with a musical tragedy
Snowlion gets dark with a musical tragedy
By: MEGAN GRUMBLING  |  April 17, 2014


It's not all peace and love in Marijuana Valley

Crash Barry's new book explores Maine's pot-farming subculture
It’s like a version of the truth that’s fun to read — but difficult to categorize.
By: DEIRDRE FULTON  |  April 16, 2014

Michael James sent back to prison

The hearing’s topic was whether James’s “antisocial personality disorder” was enough of a mental disease to keep him from being sent to prison.
By: LANCE TAPLEY  |  April 16, 2014

So long, Slainte

Venue Watch
Why would so many lament a little venue with sightlines that make Fenway Park look wide open?
By: SAM PFEIFLE  |  April 16, 2014

USM president restores layoffs

The rescindment reverses announcements made last month, but would not presently include the USM programs recommended to be eliminated.
By: NICK SCHROEDER  |  April 16, 2014

Clean elections on the line

One Cent's Worth
If Maine’s Clean Elections Act was applied to federal elections, and thoroughly funded and strengthened, it’s a safe bet that Congressional priorities would shift profoundly, with a lot less emphasis on policies that happen to align with the nation’s plutocrats.
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  April 16, 2014

It's the money that matters

Politics + Other Mistakes
The average Maine voter, defined for purposes of this column as someone closely resembling me, has concluded that the current legislative session has been a disaster.
By: AL DIAMON  |  April 16, 2014

Campus controversy

 Reader Feedback
Re: "Crisis at USM" by Nick Schroeder, March 28, 2014
By: LETTER TO THE EDITOR  |  April 11, 2014


Give 'em a hand

Pocket-sized comfort foods
Pocket-sized comfort foods
By: BRIAN DUFF  |  April 10, 2014

Green behind the ears

Politics + Other Mistakes
Outside of an infestation in Portland’s city government and a sprinkling of midcoast activists protesting stuff that probably won’t happen anyway, the party isn’t really part of the debate.
By: AL DIAMON  |  April 10, 2014


Character is political

Three Kelly Reichardt films coming to PMA
Kelly Reichardt, one of the most admired and resourceful voices in American independent cinema, appears at the Portland Museum of Art Friday night to participate in a weekend-long retrospective of her three most recent films.
By: CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  April 10, 2014


The hydrophilic life

Jump right in with a winning Underwaterguy
The very winning world premiere of Underwaterguy , which Underwood both wrote and performs, runs now at Good Theater, under the direction of Cheryl King.
By: MEGAN GRUMBLING  |  April 11, 2014

Colossal conundrum

In Layman's Terms
Size matters?
By: DANA FADEL  |  April 10, 2014


Art book shows creative side of autism

Across the Spectrum
Awareness and understanding lags behind, but an art book may help shed new light on the intersection of ASD and creativity.
By: JIM BAUMER  |  April 10, 2014
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