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Outing Private Violence
USM film screening offers collective response for DV victims and advocates - BY NICK SCHROEDER


The history of violence

Abuse prevention efforts in maine, its campuses, and beyond
Domestic violence occurs “when one person chooses to use violence or threats of violence against a partner to obtain power.”
By: CAROLINE O'CONNOR  |  September 19, 2014


It's good to be witch

Puritanism at stake in Ogunquit's Eastwick
Trapped, suppressed, and unsatisfied with the small-mindedness of their small New England town, what are three divorcées of scandalous creative powers to do?
By: MEGAN GRUMBLING  |  September 19, 2014


Two artists at crossroads

New bodies of work at Susan Maasch Fine Art
Susan Maasch Fine Art is showing solos of two widely different artists: abstract painter Jessica Gandolf and photographer Jack Montgomery.
By: BRITTA KONAU  |  September 19, 2014


Forged from iron

Hessian's debut is heavy in a weird way
On Bachelor of Black Arts — to borrow a phrase from French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan—Hessian “traverse the fantasy.”
By: NICK SCHROEDER  |  September 19, 2014


Jason's Chemical romance

From underwater demon to lab rat
The mind can wander here. It’s good for lawnmowing or woodstacking or, maybe later in the year, shoveling the driveway. Just like it’s a fit for drinking and carousing with friends and maybe shaking your ass a little bit later in the night.
By: SAM PFEIFLE  |  September 19, 2014


Extended family planning

The Wax Tablet
New label Pretty Purgatory readies releases by Butcher Boy, Lisa/Liza, and Family Planning; and Audrey Ryan pops out a new EP before transitioning to motherhood.
By: PORTLAND PHOENIX MUSIC STAFF  |  September 19, 2014


Cool cucumber recipe

Immigrant Kitchens
She poured two tablespoons of a black liquid from a large bottle with a bunch of Chinese on it. “Vinegar,” she offered, her best translation. I tasted it—interesting, familiar, definitely vinegar, but not sweet like balsamic vinegar and not clean like white or light colored vinegars I knew.
By: LINDSAY STERLING  |  September 19, 2014


Facing program cuts, university moves critical meeting to Fort Kent

If you’re not angry about what’s happening at the University of Southern Maine, it’s time to pay attention.
By: NICK SCHROEDER  |  September 19, 2014

Carving out space

My amiable experience as a queer teen had nothing to do with confidence. I was comfortable in my perceived straightness, my family structure, and my day-to-day. This isn’t the case for many young queers.
By: BRODY WOOD  |  September 19, 2014

Take the gamble

Politics and Other Mistakes
Governments need stuff to regulate. Otherwise, we wouldn’t need governments.  
By: AL DIAMON  |  September 19, 2014


Politics of place

Environment watch
This weekend, environmentally-conscious Mainers have two solid options for living into their beliefs toward an ecologically sound world.
By: HEATHER FORAN  |  September 18, 2014


Moose rehab

By: DAVID KISH  |  September 18, 2014


17 books you should read in college

(Whether your professors tell you to or not)
Challenge yourself to read something you wouldn’t. Read obvious books like Hamlet, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Sense and Sensibility, and Man’s Search for Meaning. And if you find yourself hating any one of them, throw the book across the room and pick up something else.
By: EMILY YOUNG  |  September 18, 2014


Back to reality

 Socially aware arts and events for the southern Maine back-to-schooler
If you’re a student in southern Maine and are at all interested in arts and humanities, and have a budget of exactly $10 to spend on any one event, there’s a lot in your favor.
By: PHOENIX STAFF  |  September 18, 2014


Low light glow

Going out? Here’s what you can expect from the Portland scene...
Frank talk on the Portland nightlife scene.
By: NICK SCHROEDER  |  September 18, 2014


Welcome to Portland

13 frustrating situations you’re bound to run into in the Forest City
As every longtime Portlander would love to tell you, it’s not all roses and sunshine in the Forest City. If you’re going to live here, you will…
By: IAN CARLSEN  |  September 17, 2014


It's not you, it's me

A guide to how you will feel before, during, and after your breakup with the Humanities, in epistolary form.
Dear Liberal Arts Degree...
By: DAVID CARON  |  September 17, 2014


Home despot

By: DAVID KISH  |  September 17, 2014


Cheap eats in Maine's culinary capital

13 ways to experience Portland’s great restaurants for less
These cheap dishes are quintessentially Portland.
By: KATE MCCARTY  |  September 19, 2014
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